Entrepreneurs Association

The Entrepreneurs Association at UC Santa Barbara is a business, entrepreneurship, and technology club. The club's goal is to act as a professional association for entrepreneurial undergraduate and graduate students that have interest in either launching or joining a new business venture. The mission of Entrepreneurs Association is to empower students with the business acumen, skills, and experience that will ensure their success as future business leaders and contributors to society. We are the go-to place for any student who has a business idea, and wants to take the next steps.

-The EA Team
Organization : Entrepreneurs Association
General Information :

We are currently in the process of revamping and rebranding ourselves. Our goal is to create increased continuity among and accessibility to all of our social media, events, members, and affiliated persons.
Email : ucsbea@gmail.com
Meetings :
Meetings are Tuesday, 7:00 PM, hosted at Girvetz 2128, UC Santa Barbara.
Facebook : Entrepreneurs Association at UCSB

Student Opportunities

The Entrepreneurs Association offers many student opportunities, such as the ones listed here. Other opportunities include job offerings, startup-weekend, and much more.

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    We host weekly meetings throughout the year with credible speakers. We provide insight on nearby entrepreneurial events and allow networking among our active members that attend regularly.

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    Startup Symposium

    A new tradition for the Entrepreneurs Association at UCSB is to host the Startup Symposium which is a career fair with local startup companies. This is a fantastic way to get involved with companies at the beginning stages of their life.

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    E.A.T. Meetings

    Executive at the Table meetings involve extremely credible business owners and speakers that give students the opportunity to meet with them before their big speech. This involves a small table of up to 10 people in which you can ask personal and relative questions and get to know them on a personal level.

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of some of our upcoming events. Everyone is welcome!



Startup Symposium

Are you looking for your dream job? The Startup Symposium (Career Fair) provides students with a fantastic opportunity to branch out, network, and support the local startup community. Bring your resume, friends, and learn about many employment opportunities around the Santa Barbara area. More info soon for the 2017 Symposium!


01/12/2017 - 01/14/2017

Startup Weekend

The Startup Weekend is an awesome event in which you can have the chance to create a company and meet your co-founders all within a weekend.


Every Tuseday!

General Meetings

We have general meetings every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, hosted at Girvetz 2128, UC Santa Barbara. Come and listen in on extremely credible, influential, and motivational speakers as well as network amongst many professionals at local events to get started on your entrepreneurial journey.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

***If the email form is not working, please contact us at ucsbea@gmail.com***